Planks Clothing

Planks Clothing

In the early 90s Kidsgrove dryslope was the centre of my skiing universe. We made the best of what we had: a bump, a muddy patch to jump. It was all a bit sketchy. We wore tracksuit bottoms and gardening gloves. Our skis were straight and our boots were old.

But, I was obsessed. I was there for every spare minute, rain or shine. It was a million miles away from the fancy chalets and bottomless powder of the Alps, but I loved it. That's the thing about skiing, once you're hooked there's no turning back!

In these crazy times I remain optimistic. I've been here for long enough to know that there's nothing like the feelings of freedom, excitement and creativity that move through me when I'm skiing. Skiing is good for the soul! This winter won't be easy, but it's the struggle that will make skiing during these times and in the future even more special! By the time this collection drops I'm sure we'll be back to busy chairlift rides and rammed apr├Ęs bars. Until then, let's embrace the challenges of going skiing and the adventures that will follow.

Jim Adlington - Founder

Drop cliffs not bombs.

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Planks Clothing

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